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If you love summer, partying and tequila, now you have no excuse not to cool off with the new Salitos Tequila.
A premium drink with the aroma of tequila and the taste of freshly cut lemons that meets all the requirements to be a success on the world market.


Never a drink so refreshing and perfect to enjoy the beach or pool to the fullest and for lively party nights, Salitos Ice.
It has the real flavour and aroma of South American lemons combined with slightly acidic notes and a sparkling touch that gives it a wonderful fresh sensation.
Ideal to enjoy chilled


The origins of this beer go back to the South American coast, drinking those refreshing beers so consumed in that area of the globe.
From there he moved his field of operations to the Bavarian country, from where he has finished taking shape and presenting his creations to the planet, among them Salitos
Blue, a beer brewed  with fruit wine with a marked berry flavor.


Salitos Pink Strawberry is the brand’s new refreshing drink with a fruity flavour made from fruit wine and fresh red berries.
Salitos Pink is an explosion of fruity flavour that bewitches you and never leaves you, as refreshing as it is fruity and revolutionary.