About us


Cubana FMCG is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company located in Lagos Nigeria.

The company has a rich portfolio of diverse and complementary brands, and new locally produced
and sourced consumer goods to satisfy the needs and desires of our ever growing customer base.
The company owns a diverse portfolio of brands distributed locally and through both digital
commerce and wholesale channels.

Our goal is to offer each and every person the best of consumer brands in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity and responsibility to satisfy our everyday needs and desires

We offer a large assortment of products at a wide range of prices across the categories of Beverages, Packaged Foods, Cosmetics and Gadgets.
 We are committed to enriching our vast portfolio of products to respond to consumers
constantly evolving tastes and preferences, and changing market climes.

We are passionate about innovation, superior quality, sincerity and safety of our products.

This is a promise to our customers, and we are committed to fulfilling this ethically and responsibly 
 We create value for all our shareholders and stakeholders. 
 Strengthening local communities and youth empowerment. 
Nurture lasting partnerships with clients and suppliers.


At Cubana FMCG, our mission is to democratize consumer brands, and make them accessible, available, affordable and trendy  to meet the daily needs and aspirations of our customers and consumers. We are committed to fulfilling this mission ethically and responsibly.


Our Vision is to be one of the world's leading arbiters of consumer goods, providing consumers with the best quality products that help them live better. Our values are reflected in the quality of our products and services, the way we serve our customers and consumers, our commitment to the communities we live and work in, the welfare of our people, and sustainability of brands as we aspire to drive global recognition, acceptance  and export of locally made products.


Our mission and values guide our everyday decisions. We Care about people; our consumers, team members, shareholders, business partners, and the communities we operate and live in. We believe that our success is in understanding and responding to the needs of our customers, suppliers, colleagues, communities and citizens. We drive social innovation by investing in our people, training, providing the best working conditions and social protection of our employees.